Fondazione Palazzo Coronini Cronberg

The Palazzo Coronini Cronberg Foundation

The building Coronini Cronberg è a historic house dating back to the Cinquecento, now the headquarters of the Foundation.

Walking through fifteen rooms that make up the museum, including the room where in 1836 morì Charles X of Bourbon , the last king of France, the visitorè Enchanted transported back in time thanks to its warm and charming halls with five seventeenth-century furnishings and the ground floor, the sumptuous eighteenth-century salons, the Empire salt and the nineteenth-century rooms of the main floor.

Ornament , silver, porcelain, crystal, photographs, portraits and everyday objects recreate the real life experience of a home atmosphere, leaving perceive in every room the presence of the former owners.

Between memories and family heirlooms you can admire works of art of extraordinary value: paintings by Alessandro Magnasco, Giambattista Langetti, Giuseppe Tominz, Rosalba Carriera and Elisabth Vigé and Le Brun, sculptures by Bertel Thorvaldsen and Franz Xaver Messerschmidt.

The Palaceè surrounded by a beautiful five-hectare English park, where you can discover important archaeological finds from Aquileia, an elegant temple of Art Nouveau, rare and precious plants: ash trees, lime trees, Himalayan cedars, exotic plants such as palm trees, medlar Japan, bamboos and a century-old cork oak tree.


Permanent Collection

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Viale XX Settembre, 14
34170 Gorizia


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