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The Crocetti Museum is a contemporary art museum located in Rome and dedicated to the work of the Italian sculptor Venanzo Crocetti. The headquarters of the Crocetti Museum was born as an artist's studio who needed large spaces to create the Door of the Sacraments of St. Peter's Basilica following the competition won in 1951. Other environments are added to the laboratory: the house where he lived until to death and the museum, inaugurated in 2002, which houses his works. The museum complex is managed by the Crocetti Foundation which has as its main purpose the conservation of the sculptor's work and keeps his archive. The museum preserves more than one hundred large works including bronze and marble sculptures and works on paper by the Abruzzo sculptor, ranging from 1930 to 1998.

Works by the sculptor are also present in Brussels, Paris, Bern, Zurich, New York, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Montreal, Tokyo and Osaka.

In 1991 the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg wanted to dedicate a permanent exhibition room to him.

The Crocetti House-Museum, furnished today as then, testifies to the artist's meditative character and the simplicity that have always characterized him.


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