Imago Mundi Foundation

Imago Mundi Foundation

The Imago Mundi Foundation is a non-profit contemporary art foundation that promotes, from an international perspective, the research, production and dissemination of contemporary art, organizing exhibitions, talks, events and online and offline educational workshops at the exhibition venue of the Treviso Prison Galleries, former Habsburg prisons restored by the architect Tobia Scarpa in Piazza Duomo 20.

It was born in 2019 as an evolution of Imago Mundi Collection. The Imago Mundi Collection sees the light starting from an idea by Luciano Benetton, who has brought together over time, since 2013, over 26,000 works in the 10x12 cm format, created by artists from 163 countries and communities and collected in as many catalogs, making a global mapping that tells, through art, the expressive diversity of human cultures to form an inclusive and democratic creative community.

The Imago Mundi Foundation combines the enhancement of the Imago Mundi Collection with the production of new exhibitions and the dissemination of contemporary visual art and its languages. The Foundation fulfills a social and cultural role by intersecting research in different fields to open up to all creative dimensions. It wants to be inclusive for the artists, participatory for the public and discursive for the critics, to return an image of what the world is, but also to imagine what it could be.


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Piazza Duomo, 20
31100 Treviso


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