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Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation

The Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan was established in 1995 on the initiative of Arnaldo Pomodoro , who imagined and pursued it with passion since the mid-seventies, to keep together over time a significant nucleus of works that could give an account of his path of research.

In 1997 the Pomodoro Foundation obtained legal personality recognition from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, thus becoming of national interest.

The Foundation's objective is to guarantee the conservation, valorisation and promotion of its founder's work, also through the management of the artist's archive and the publication of his Catalog Raisonné online.

The Foundation's collection, made up of around 200 works by Arnaldo Pomodoro and over 100 works by other artists, is not currently on permanent display. The works are granted on long-term loan to public and private institutions (museums, universities, etc.) and on loan for temporary exhibitions.

Every year the Foundation organizes a cycle of exhibitions at the exhibition venue in Milan involving young artists and curators, the Project Rooms, part of the program of initiatives designed to encourage the public's knowledge and in-depth study of modern and contemporary art .

Every two years it awards the Arnaldo Pomodoro Prize for Sculpture , intended for sculptors under 45 who have distinguished themselves in the development of an original thought and practice on the very theme of making sculpture today. Throughout the year, the Pomodoro Foundation also organizes guided tours and workshops for adults, families and schools, with the aim of spreading knowledge of contemporary artistic production and its protagonists. These activities are conducted widely throughout the area: in the artist's studio, in the Labyrinth of Via Solari 35, in the De Andreis foundry in Rozzano, around the city of Milan with the Pomodoroincittà tour, in schools, etc.


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Via Vigevano, 9
20144 Milan


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