The Villa dei Quintili is the largest ancient residential complex in the suburbs of Rome and is part of the Appia Antica Archaeological Park. The Quintili were themselves killed by the Emperor Commodus in 182/183 A.D. for plotting a conspiracy against him, so their residence on the Appia was confiscated and became imperial property. Since then Commodus himself and other emperors after him lived in the Villa, leaving traces of their presence in the prominence of architecture, the richness of the carved decoration and refinement of wall and floor coverings in colored marble slabs, still beautifully preserved. Access to the original villa was from the Appia Antica, through a large garden racecourse has a monumental nymphaeum overlooking the consular road, a few hundred meters from Santa Maria Nova house. The semicircular layout of the nymph looks profoundly changed today by the medieval structures that have reused the walls to lift a fort with lookout tower.

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Via Appia Nuova, 1092
00178 Roma

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