Palazzo Barberini

Palazzo Barberini

BARBERINI CORSINI NATIONAL GALLERIES are a museum and two galleries: Palazzo Barberini and Corsini Gallery which preserve over 5,000 works of art, paintings, sculptures, sketches, decorative arts from Two hundred to eighteenth century. The original nucleus of the National Gallery formed in 1883 with the donation to the State of the  Corsini collection then located in Palazzo Corsini. The collection was soon enriched with works from prestigious Roman collections: Chigi, Torlonia, Mattei, Odescalchi, Sciarra.  in 1949 the Italian State acquires Palazzo Barberini from the heirs of the family, which in 1953 was opened the new headquarters of the National Gallery which now houses a collection of works from the Two hundred to eighteenth century with masterpieces absolute like the Annunciation Filippo Lippi, Fornarina Raphael, Judith and Holofernes Caravaggio. Palazzo Barberini è In fact, l’ emblem of the Roman Baroque and veritable palace of the Barberini family. Commissioned by Pope Urban VIII, was built starting in 1625 by leading architects of the seventeenth century: Carlo Maderno, Bernini and Francesco Borromini and decorated by artists such as Andrea Bags and Pietro da Cortona in the main hall of a be memorize options the extraordinary ceiling with Triumph of Divine Providence.


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Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13
00184 Roma


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