Corsini Gallery

Corsini Gallery

Galleria Corsini is a historic Roman building.

Part of the largest institution “ Barberini Corsini Galleria Nazionale ”, the Palazzo includes a museum and two galleries: Palazzo Barberini and the Galleria Corsini.

The heritage of the National Galleries was formed in 1883 with the donation of the Corsini collection to the State, which was later placed in Palazzo Corsini.

The collection was soon enriched with works from prestigious Roman collections, so much so that in 1949 the Italian State acquired Palazzo Barberini to open the new headquarters of the National Gallery in 1953.

The Corsini Gallery today exhibits only the works of the Corsini collection and is the only eighteenth-century collection left in Rome in its original context : the palace purchased by the family in 1736, under Pope Clement XI I Corsini.

The building, famous for having hosted Queen Christina of Sweden in the seventeenth century, was transformed into a real palace by the architect Ferdinando Fuga. The recent museum exhibition has relocated the paintings exactly as they had been arranged by Cardinal Neri Maria Corsini , the first and main proponent of the collection, based on the inventory of the rooms in 1771.

Visiting the Corsini Gallery therefore means entering the apartment of an eighteenth-century cardinal, including the famous Alcova Cristina of Sweden and admiring masterpieces such as the San Giovanni Battista Caravaggio, the Prometeo Salvator Rosa, the San Sebastiano Rubens or the mysterious Corsini Throne.


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Via della Lungara, 10
00165 Rome


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