Diotti Museum

Diotti Museum

The Diotti Museum is located in Casalmaggiore, a town overlooking the Po in the province of Cremona. The neoclassical painter Giuseppe Diotti was born here in 1779 and the Museum is housed in an ancient building that he used as a residence and study in the last years of his life. The nineteenth-century section of the house-atelier deals with every aspect of the artist's activity by themes, from the context in which he was born to the years of study in Rome, up to the production of his high school diploma. In addition to Diotti, other artists are represented, such as Marcantonio Ghislina, Francesco Antonio Chiozzi, Paolo Araldi, Luigi Quarenghi, Carlo Cerati, Paolo Troubetzkoy, Tommaso Aroldi, Amedeo Bocchi.

The path continues with the Gallery of Modern Art where works by local and Lombard authors of the twentieth century are exhibited: some of them devoted themselves extensively to landscape painting (Goliardo Padova, Gianfranco Manara, Tino Aroldi), while others favored themes of nature political-social and existential (Guerreschi, Vaglieri, Ceretti, Romagnoni, Ossola, Pozzan, Dobrzansky). The absence of an explicit figuration and the hybridization of languages are instead the prevailing aspect of the works of contemporary artists.

A peculiarity of the Museum is the attention paid to the artists' ateliers : in fact, the working environments of various painters (Goliardo Padova, Tino Aroldi, Palmiro Vezzoni) and the sculptor Ercole Priori have been reconstructed here.


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Via Aldo Formis, 17
26041 Casalmaggiore


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