Parmeggiani Gallery

Parmeggiani Gallery

This palace was built between 1925 and 1928 by Luigi Parmeggiani to house his art collection. Parmeggiani, born in Reggio Emilia and fled to London after some events linked to his association with anarchist circles, manages a gallery in Paris art with the artist Ignacio Leon Y Escosura. After an adventurous life between different European capitals, perhaps combining his activity in the art market with that of a forger, he returned to Reggio Emilia where he built his house museum. The building seems to express a synthesis of models from the ancient , medieval and Renaissance world. The vestibule houses a collection of marble and terracottas in an antique style, on the sides there are smaller rooms, while the main path leads to the central hall, characterized by the large skylight, which recalls the atrium ad impluvium of the Roman house, but also the of the Escosura/Marcy sales gallery in Paris. The current arrangement respects that conceived by Parmeggiani and includes three rooms named after European painting schools (Flemish, Spanish, French/English), four rooms dedicated to classes of materials (fabrics, costumes, goldsmiths and weapons), three rooms for paintings by Escosura and Cesare Detti. The central hall (dedicated to Clemente, as a tribute to the city of Reggio) houses Italian paintings , furniture, ceramic and metal objects.


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Corso Benedetto Cairoli, 2
42121 Reggio Emilia


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