King Santuary

The museum contains an important collection of ex-votos and is located in a room located on the upper floor of the twentieth-century Basilica of the Madonna del Sangue, which is, from a devotional point of view, the attraction of the entire Vigezzo Valley. Once the ex-votos completely covered the walls of the ancient sanctuary, testifying to the graces received and the great popular devotion. In the inventory of a pastoral view of 1617 there were already "58 votive middle pictures" and the number has gradually increased over the centuries, so much so that today there are 465 votive tablets to which hearts, embroidery and photographs are added. In the swirling flow of time, the Madonna di Re, from that distant 29 April 1494, has been the constant point of reference of both private and public Vigezzo people's devotion. In fact, in 1798 when the revolutionaries who had invaded Ossola were defeated by Sardinian troops, the General Council of the Valley decreed that on April 23 of each year, the Vigezzo population would go on pilgrimage to the Sanctuary to thank the Virgin for the escaped danger and even today this vow is renewed in the procession on Whit Monday. Even in 1897 when a terrible epidemic of diphtheria raged in Re and Folsogno, the population entrusted themselves to the Madonna and suddenly the infection ceased. Grateful mothers, with their gold, had a heart of gold prepared which still today, on the second Sunday of October, is carried in procession by children, giving life to the "gugnitt" party.

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Santuario della Madonna del Sangue
28856 Re


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