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Canova and Power

Until 03 September 2023

Canova Museum

The Antonio Canova Museum , with its Gypsotheca , is located in the town of Possagno (Treviso) and represents one of the first great Italian art collections.

The Canova Museum is administered by the Canova Foundation , the cultural organization that enhances the great Canova heritage of Possagno.

Commissioned in the mid-nineteenth century by Giovanni Battista Sartori, Antonio Canova's brother, the Canova Foundation also preserves and promotes knowledge of the birthplace, where Canova was born way back in 1757 and which still retains the original furnishings, and is today of the Pinacoteca: "the most suitable venue and most loaded with symbolic values".

The Antonio Canova Gypsotheca and Museum houses the complete collection of original models, created by Canova himself in his Roman atelier, to allow his workshop to make marble copies.

The Canova Museum with its extraordinary collection of models is divided between the spaces of the evocative basilica built by the Venetian architect Francesco Lazzari (1836) and those of the brilliant pavilion designed by Carlo Scarpa (1957).

The Gypsotheca not only allows you to admire a series of absolute masterpieces but also to understand the rich and complex itinerary of Canova's invention, his acquaintances, the Italian and European clients who appreciated, sought and bought his numerous works.


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Via A. Canova, 74
31054 Possagno


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