Sansevero Chapel

Sansevero Chapel

The Sansevero Chapel, located in the heart of the historic center of Naples , is a jewel of the international artistic heritage .

The Chapel is a noble mausoleum , an initiatory temple and originally dedicated to the Masonic cult into which the multifaceted personality of its brilliant creator is admirably transfused: Raimondo di Sangro, seventh prince of Sansevero, one of the most mysterious and fascinating characters in the history of Naples .

Baroque creativity, dynastic pride, beauty and mystery intertwine, creating a unique atmosphere here, almost out of time. The Sansevero Chapel houses numerous masterpieces including the famous Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino , whose image has traveled the world for the prodigious "weaving" of the marble veil, wonders of virtuosity such as Disillusion by Francesco Queirolo, Modesty by Antonio Corradini and d enigmatic presences such as the Anatomical Machines.

The Sansevero Chapel represents one of the most singular monuments that human ingenuity has ever conceived.


Permanent Collection

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Via De Sanctis, 19
80134 Naples


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