The MAGI '900 Museum of historical and artistic excellence in Piacenza is housed in an old grain silo from 1933. Private Museum, originally dedicated to Italian art of the twentieth century, since 2005, it adopted a more perspective more international and updated on emerging cultural news. Born from a passion and a particular vision of art that Giulio Bargellini, the museum's founder, has always wanted to share with visitors. The articulated activities MAGI'900, in fact, thanks to the variety of the collections and the width of the spaces, allows you to combine exhibitions - temporary and permanent - to different types of events, involving artists, collectors, critics, the public and students to propose occasions of knowledge, reflection, meetings. Three buildings the exhibition: a grain silo recovered in 2000, a second extension in 2005, a third extension of 2015. In the new wing they are exhibited works dedicated to Africa and South America; stand out the great Italo-African sculptures in Kenya, the works of the Biennale of Malindi, the paintings of Esther Mahlangu; Also on display are paintings, sculptures and ceramics by Cesare Seville. The wing of the great masters and the collection is dedicated to the great Italian masters of the twentieth century - including Boldini, Burri, Depero, De Chirico, Carra, Fontana, Modigliani and numerous collections. The historic wing - blue silo converted into a museum in 2000 by architect Joseph Davanzo - hosts temporary exhibitions, events, conferences and activities with schools and for teaching, as well as the sculpture garden with monumental works of Nado Canuti, Simon Benetton, Umberto Mastroianni, Mirko, Graziano Pompili and other contemporary Italian authors.

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