The Museum of the People of Abruzzo is located in the center of Pescara and is located inside the remaining rooms of the city fortress. The Museum was inaugurated in 1998 and used in the exhibition spaces in via delle Caserme, after their restoration. the Museum houses a very diversified collection: from Prehistory to the Industrial Revolution. Each room reconstructs the history of the city through the uses, customs, culture of sacred rites, furnishings and everyday life. The first rooms are dedicated to prehistory and archeology: tools, pottery, armor, iron and tombs represent the largest nucleus. Among the finds, the oldest date back to 100,000 years ago and come from various areas of Abruzzo. Other rooms tell of the production processes of wool, cheese, flour, grapevine and wine. Thanks to the discovery of many objects, it was possible to retrace the various processes. Many of the objects on display are still part of the Abruzzo peasant tradition. The historical comparisons with the photographic evidence of some country farms are interesting. In addition, the visit is accompanied by didactic panels that help in understanding the artefacts on display and their respective techniques and uses. Inside the museum there is a library that collects almost 4000 documents including magazines, brochures and volumes specialized in ethnography, protohistory, local history, local traditions and pastoralism.

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