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The photographic exhibition “Joseph Beuys. DEFENSE OF NATURE | LET'S DO IT SOON!" is an exhibition project consisting of about 230 images, which aims not only to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Joseph Beuys but also to intervene in support of the most current initiatives in defense of the environment, in a race against time which, according to the prophetic vision of the German artist, today involves all of us.

Joseph Beuys, action artist, activist, environmentalist, sculptor, performer, designer and professor at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, is one of the absolute protagonists of post-World War II art. His poetics and his artistic practice have preceded themes and reflections that are more current than ever today, even before his works, himself a work, in a radical superimposition of art and life.Within the exhibition, the prophetic and far-sighted work of Joseph Beuys, the shaman artist, is told and documented through the photographic works of, among others, Gianfranco Gorgoni, Fabio Donato, Claudio Abate, Tano D'Amico, Antonino Orlandi, Stefano Fontebasso, Giuseppe Iammarrone, and lead the viewer to the discovery of a creative universe whose energies materialize in the unmistakable trajectory of commitment and the concrete exhortation to "hurry up".

Sometimes these are tangible gestures as in Andy Warhol's sharing of the commitment to post-earthquake reconstruction, in Campania, with the work Fate Presto (1980); or as in the planting of an oak in Bolognano (PE), within the Defense of Nature project (1984). Other times it is more ideal gestures, to sensitize the community to the distortions of the contemporary system, as for the protocol of resistance at the basis of the Foundation for the Renaissance of Agriculture (1978): in Pescara, the first important discussion event on the topic , on the occasion of which Beuys presented his Free International University and which will end up marking his artistic and existential path.In each of these declinations, Beuys' creative energies push the individual to evolve from a mere spectator to a demiurge of the future, of his own and of the community. A collective work of reflection - on the history already written but above all on the one yet to be written - which transcends all geographical, temporal and individual limits and which, as today in the complaints of Greta Thunberg, inevitably becomes an urgent “Let's do it quickly!”.


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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 270
65122 Pescara


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