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art between ecology, reuse and future

From 22 April to 3 November 2024

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Baldeschi Palace

Baldeschi Palace

Corso Vannucci, 66, Perugia

Closed now: open at 15:30

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Fondazione Perugia presents the exhibition NATURA/UTOPIA: art between ecology, reuse and future curated by Marco Tonelli , which from 22 April to 3 November will animate the rooms of Palazzo Baldeschi with an itinerary and an installation that intends to tell the very current themes of man's relationship with nature and its future.

The inspiration around which this research revolves is the legendary republic of Utopia imagined in the 16th century by the English humanist Thomas More in his story of the same name, where the protagonist is a land connected to reality but also independent, not a mirage but a possible world. In the same way, contemporary art is a sort of happy island, where everything is sustainable because it increases the richness of the world, both in terms of forms and thought.

The role of art, in fact, is not to solve problems, but to represent them in its own way, re-imagining them in a specific context, where everything is possible, according to the rules of the language of forms, of aesthetic thought, of the concept of artistic creativity. 

Thus in the exhibition NATURA/UTOPIA: art between ecology, reuse and the future, art serves to make people reflect on issues related to ecology, the relationship between man and nature, sustainability, the reuse of materials, the redesign of living space life of human beings in relation to the natural environment. To do this, 13 leading artists from the Italian and European cultural scene, from the United States and from non-European contexts, such as Cameroon and Mozambique, were chosen, artists who have made the concept of utopia, reuse, project and nature their basic poetics since 60s, each with its own specific characteristics as demonstrated by the works chosen for the exhibition made with traditional but also unexpected and innovative materials.

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