Fondazione Francesco Paolo Michetti

Fondazione Premio Nazionale Di Pittura Francesco Paolo Michetti

Description of the Institution

The first edition of the National Painting Prize FPMichetti is realized in 1947 in Francavilla al Mare, Abruzzo town destroyed to 97% by the war, with the’ intent to continue the great cultural tradition of the Last Supper Michetti they had attended the personalityà più creative time: Gabriele d’ Annunzio, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Matilde Serao, Edward Scarfoglio, Eleonora Duse, Costantino Barbella.

In 1955, by Decree No. 1497 of the President of the Republic Gronkowski is erected in   body; moral  the National Award Foundation F.P.Michetti painting, the purpose of whichè organize an annual painting competition, they can be joined by other artistic events (retrospectives, solo exhibitions, tributes).

They participate in the Institution on the board and assembly members the municipal and Abruzzo provincial administrations, the common Tocco da Casauria, whereè Michetti born, the municipality of Francavilla al Mare, where he lived Michetti, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, a representative of the Abruzzese artists. Other institutional bodies are the technical committee, the secretary general, treasurer, auditor. Recently they were named honorary members/meritorious President of the Regional Council and the Regional Council.&Nbsp;

During his life, from 1947 to the present (2019), the Foundation has produced 70 editions of the award, including 11 international exhibitions dedicated to the comparison between Italian and Slavic artists (1973), Spain (1974), Poland (1976), Greece (1977), American (1987), Bulgaria (1988), European (2000), Argentina (2002 ), Japan (2003), Eastern (2004). Several exhibitions have been brought out of the office: in the Royal Palace of Naples,  Rome (Palazzo Braschi and Palazzo Venezia), Florence (Palazzo Rucellai), in Paris (the Italian Culture Institute), Milan (CAP) and, finally, this 'year, again in Naples, in the Museo Pignatelli– Cortes (the show“ Between painting and photography”).


Seat of the Foundation Michettiè ;, since 2000, Palazzo San Domenico, a former Dominican monastery and the former town hall, located in the Piazza San Domenico n. 1 in Francavilla al Mare. L’ building, propertyà Municipal, hosts over the bureau and secretariat, the Museum d’ modern and contemporary art of the Foundation consists of the winners of the Premio Michetti contemporary art since 1947, and by donations.


Permanent Collection

Timetable and tickets


Piazza San Domenico, 1
66023 Francavilla al Mare


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