Palazzo Ducale di Sassuolo

Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo he was commissioned by the Duke Francesco d’ Este in 1634. L’ architect Bartolomeo Avanzini was commissioned to transform the Este castle in a modern suburban home for the summer holiday. The frescoes, paintings stucco and sculptures inspirational baroque decorate the interior of this“ Delizia&rdquo ;, are the work of artists Jean Boulanger, Angelo Michele Colonna, Agostino Mitelli, Luca Colombi, Lattanzio Male. the fountain of Neptune, who triumphs in the inner courtyard of the palaceè processed by a terracotta sketch of Antonio Raggi, meritorious student of Bernini. From 1941 to 2004, the palace was the home side from’ Military Academy in Modena and then passed under the direction heritage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Activitiesà Cultural and Tourism. L’ current tour route includes a rich recent exhibition arranged as a‘ a picture gallery of studio&rsquo ;, the visit to the sumptuous frescoed rooms that made up the apartments Grand Ducal with excellent examples of trompe l’ oeil and quadraturism and l’ exposure of monochrome works collection European masters of the twentieth century Americans, specially commissioned for the Palazzo Ducale and donated to the State by Giovanna and Giuseppe Panza di Biumo.


Permanent Collection

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Piazzale della Rosa
41049 Sassuolo


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