The Necropolis of Porto, currently made up of over 200 well-preserved funerary buildings, is located within a triangle of land known as the Isola Sacra. The island was crossed by an important road, the Via Flavia Severiana, which connected the city of Porto with the ancient Ostia. It was the inhabitants of Porto who built the Necropolis on the side of the road. The island, which is bathed to the south-east by the Tiber river, to the north by the Fiumicino canal and to the west by the Tyrrhenian sea, was called Insula Portuensis in the times of the ancient Romans but in the sixth century AD, acquired the nickname "Sacra" , due to the strong Christian presence in the area. The city of Porto, around the 1st century BC, reached a great development and above all thanks to its proximity to the Port of Claudius, it gradually replaced the ancient city of Ostia, as the main support for maritime activities. The floods of the Tiber and the consequent silting of the entire area have allowed an excellent conservation of the tombs, with their characteristic pink color. The suggestive archaeological site is a stone's throw from Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport.

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