Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Muro Lucano

The Museum

The Museum is divided into several sections and presents the archaeological attestations of the territory of Basilicata nord-occidentale.La first section illustrates the results of excavations conducted in’ important Baragiano settlement, through the reconstruction of a sector of the archaic necropolis, in which have been relocated to the più Significant kits funerari.La second section è Lucania devoted to stage the area with exhibits related to the ancient center of Raia San Basilio, in murese territory, and the Hellenistic sanctuary of Contrada Fontana Bona Ruoti.La third section explains the process of Romanization dell’ area, thanks to testimonies from the numerous villas identified in the territory of which the rich mosaics are on display. A section, finally,è dedicated to the craft of’ archaeologist, the stratigraphic excavation, the deciphering of the stories he tells the earth to those who try to interpret its language.


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via Seminario, 6
85054 Muro Lucano


Discover all the locations: Direzione regionale Musei Basilicata

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