TePoTraTos Scene del Teatro Popolare Tradizionale Toscano

Museo TePoTraTos

  Museum TePoTraTos (Scene of the Popular Traditional Tuscan Theater) è of Monticchiello; expression of ultra-forty-year experience of the Poor Theater to which the communityà of the residents he has created since 1967 and has made the à civilization; contadinauno of the essential problems of his own drama.


Since this is a site which tells the’ experience the traditional folk theater (passed down from generation to generation and linked to the seasons), l’ entire structure moves away from the usual definitions of museum exhibits: the TePoTraTosè Suspended in midà between museum and theater and show business also plays the micro-variations in’ evolution of the visit, which can memorize options change in’ visitor experience for some details, così as the theatrical performance notè never perfectly equal to itself.


The course, set in a  old barn of the eighteenth century  to’ inside the village, allows the visitor-viewer  to perceive emotions immersed in a communicative universe  consists of noises, voices, fragments of dialogue, objects, images that evoke the rural world.

Symbolically, the choice of the exhibition spaceè a re-appropriation of a heritage linked to the communityà ;: the barn, where once the landowner kept the fruit of collective work, back to collettività and now it holds the assets of his memory.


Not a museum on the Poor Theater, but a museum   Poor Theater: through scenes and images of traditional Tuscan theater, offers a tribute to civilizationà farming and sharecropping, to his amusement, his world of simple and pure folk poetry.


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Piazza Nuova, 1
53026 Monticchiello


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