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Until 03 July 2022

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Until 31 July 2022

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Until 11 September 2022

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The voice of the shadows

Until 18 September 2022

The Mudec - Museum of Cultures

The MUDEC – Museum of Cultures of Milan opened in 2015 to host and present the civic ethnographic collections to the public in the new building designed by David Chipperfield in the Ex – Ansaldo area, via Tortona’s design district.

The Permanent Collection exhibition path “Objects of Encounter” inaug in 2015 represented a journey across time and space through the encounter/conflict with the ‘other’, starting from the 17th century and continuing up to the present day.

Five years later, reflecting on role and responsibilities of ethnographic museums in the contemporary debate, in 2020 the permanent exhibition is renewed through the analysis of the effects – for Milan and as seen from Milan – of the advent of an interconnected world, from the Early Modern Age to this day. “Global Milan. The World Seen from Here” inaugurates in September 2021 as the result of a participatory museography process held by the Conservation Department and the Networks and Cultural Cooperation Office of the MUDEC. Through a selection of objects from our and other institutions’ collections, visitors become acquainted with such complex concepts as globalization, imperialism and mercantilism.

After a focus on the Settala Collection, the first room is about the advent of globalization through the great geographical discovers in the early modern age, Milan’s entry into the Spanish Empire and its resulting connections with the Americas.

The second room is dedicated to Asia and the different kind of luxury goods’ production for internal and external trade, goods such as porcelain, lacquer and silk, valued and imitated in Europe.

Africa has the leading role in the third room: here are processed the complex themes of business agreements, colonization and decolonization, with a particular focus on the Italian events.

Follows the historical part of the exhibition an in-depth analysis of the contemporary dedicated to afrodescent artists working in the multicultural Milan: a participatory museography project realized thanks to the collaboration of academics, experts, activists, cultural mediators, artists.

The interactive and immersive installations throughout the exhibition allow visitors to independently analyze the themes proposed and the video-interviews – curated within Milano Città Mondo project by the Networks and Cultural Cooperation Office – support a more empathic comprehension of the migrant’s perspective.

The governance of the MUDEC represents a partnership between the public and private sectors involving the Milan City Council and 24 ORE Cultura – Gruppo 24 Ore. The Milan City Council is responsible for the management, preservation and promotion of the cultural assets through temporary exhibitions in the Focus Rooms as well as conferences and events in the Culture Space “Khaled al-Asaad", while 24 ORE Cultura handles the organization of major exhibitions and additional services such as the auditorium, Mudec Lab dedicated to creative and multimedia workshops for children, the Mudec Design Store, the bookshop, the restaurant and the bistrot.

Since its opening, the MUDEC hosted over fifty exhibitions about ethnography, contemporary art and photography.


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Via Tortona, 56
20144 Milano


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