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Curated by: Giorgio Armani

The show

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Emporio Armani, Armani / Silos hosts "THE WAY WE ARE": the exhibition, personally curated by Giorgio Armani, which transforms the aggregative spirit of Emporio Armani into a unique experience, summarizing, without nostalgia, four decades of a cutting-edge and transversal brand.

Conceived as a three hundred and sixty-degree raid on the spaces of the Silos, the exhibition is a real manifesto, to be experienced and to be explored.

The manifesto reads “An EMPORIO has no boundaries, of time and space. An EMPORIO is a container, an encyclopedia, an algorithm. An EMPORIO contains everything, for everyone, at all times. An EMPORIO has no schemes. EMPORIO ARMANI is all this, in the sign of the eagle. It's here, now, right now, today, anyway. It is me, you, us, you, all the same because they are all different. Free. It is concreteness and imagination. It's EA ”.

Emporio Armani started in 1981 with a precise program - fashion for everyone, with the Armani imprint - but without a manifesto. It wasn't necessary. This exhibition is therefore an ex post manifesto: an action plan, which derives from the spirit of what has been. And the spirit itself is the central element: the exhibition makes it tangible, practicable, offers it to all senses, in all senses. Mixing meaningful garments and accessories with the unique imagery and iconography created over the years, the history of Milan with the pages of Emporio Armani Magazine. The spaces of the Silos are invaded by giant posters, because the monumental dimension has always been the key to the brand's communication; the cells are covered with moodboards, videos, dresses. The viewer is both the recipient of the poster and part of it: he crosses it and explores it, and then sees it materialized through objects, photos, films, emotions, in every room.

As programmatic, the manifesto has no time: it goes beyond and unites the decades. It happens now, and it comes to life through the always unique experience of those who visit the exhibition.


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Via Bergognone, 40
20144 Milan


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