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Vittorio Mazzucconi

Books 1967-21

The Mazzucconi Foundation continues to communicate the works of Vittorio Mazzucconi, with the presentation of his books.

After having explored his painting and before dealing with his architecture, we see that these books are consistent with the same interior journey that leads the author to oppose the predominance of materialist reason of our time to reaffirm the values of the spirit.

The books are presented in the following exhibitions, with the related illustrative material, readings and debates by appointment.

1967 1 The City in the image and likeness of man

1985 2 The nascent city

1989 3 The idea of the city

2003 4 The Palatine Pyramid

2007 5 The Ark of Man

2001-23 6 Thoughts

2009-12 7 The Convivium

2013-20 8 Getting your bearings

Exhibition no. 4, from 20.11.23 to 04.12.23


Editions of the Place of the Waterfall, 2003

The Palatine pyramid is an ideal building that Mazzucconi proposes to build on the Palatine, in Rome. Its shape of an inverted pyramid is due to the fact that it should only touch the sacred ground in one point with its vertex. This is how we can achieve not only a physical overthrow but the deepest intent of the overthrow of many false values of the world in which we have lived and in which we live, starting from the Empire of ancient Rome. The new building celebrates it, together with the birth of the city and the total sense of history of which this place is the pregnant testimony.

The pyramid transforms into the immense sail with which it heads like a large boat towards the East. A boat that is, once again, the Ark of my dreams, not however associated with the threat of a shipwreck but, on the contrary, with the promise of a bright rebirth.


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Via Andrea Ponti, 1
20143 Milan


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