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Vittorio Mazzucconi

Until 25 December 2023

Mazzucconi Foundation

The Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation was founded in 1995 to promote the conservation and knowledge of the work of the famous architect, painter and philosopher after whom his home-studio is named, also listed among the "Houses of Memory" of the association of the same name. It is located in Milan, almost opposite the church of San Cristoforo, on the Naviglio Grande, and can be accessed both from a luxuriant garden and from Via Andrea Ponti 1. In addition to the artistic value of the works, the figure of Vittorio Mazzucconi is striking for the singularity of his approach, marked by his interiority and far from the superficial events of his time. He has always been against the rationalism that has influenced modern architecture so much and, more generally, has allied himself with the dominant materialism of our time. Equally extraneous to the various currents of painting, living it as a true mirror of one's soul and not of the ideologies produced by the distorted vision of today's man. Finally, it goes without saying that, even in philosophy, he follows a thought that is independent of such ideologies, but open to a new spirituality. This path is expressed in the works exhibited or documented in the house-studio, among the innumerable projects, the 400 paintings and 20 books by the author. Among this material, in addition to the evidence of an international activity, the great model of the project for the new Center of Florence, to which Mazzucconi dedicated himself with filial love for most of his life, is exceptionally visible in Milan.


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Via Andrea Ponti, 1
20143 Milan


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