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At the Fondazione Stelline in Milan on Thursday 19 January 2023 , from 7.30 to 10.00 pm , Extinction was unveiled , the new totally new project by the artist Max Papeschi , born in collaboration with Flavia Vago and AIIO .

The project will be divided into three chapters: the first of these – Extinction . Chapter one – exhibits at the Stelline Foundation, from 20 January to 19 February 2023, 54 terracotta sculptures and 4 video installations reworked by artificial intelligence , which narrate the theme of war and cultural impoverishment in a parodic form.

The great "exhibition-installation" presents for the very first time the artist Max Papeschi in a new "three- dimensional " version, a debut that will certainly arouse interest and curiosity. In the new project conceived for the Stelline Foundation, Max Papeschi, together with Flavia Vago and Michele Ronchetti, enjoyed playing on the thin line between true and false, using communication itself as a work of art integrated into the exhibition.

The exhibition curated by Stefania Morici , with the special collaboration of Gianluca Marziani , is organized by the Stelline Foundation and Arteventi and is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture , the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan. The project is realized thanks to a network of important partners, born with the support of MI Hub Agency and the main sponsor ArTI and with the special partnership of Gobbetto Resine and Relco , who created the setting up of the spaces. In particular, the floors in dega carpet mixed with natural sand were created by Gobbetto Resine and the light design was curated for Relco by the architect Michela Viola.

The exhibition design project is by the architect Giovanni Musica of Studio Mgalab; the sound design and the music are signed by Fabrizio Campanelli . Extinction . Chapter one is therefore the first chapter of a larger and more articulated project which, starting from January 2023, will develop in different places and times.

Each chapter will represent the new data that emerged from the "original terrestrial message", extrapolated as in a digital archaeological excavation and recreated to be enjoyed by the alien public, exactly as happens on planet Earth for the study of ancient peoples of which we have little information, such as in the case of the Aztecs, Mesa Verde or Crete. Each new chapter will represent, always in an ironic key, one of the most absurd aspects of our civilization.


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Corso Magenta, 61
20123 Milan


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