The South Tyrol Archaeological Museum is located in the center of Bolzano. The Museum is located in the seat of the imperial Austrian National Bank, which later became Bank of Italy. The Museum houses a rich collection of archaeological finds of Alto Adige. In particular, the collection includes objects that start from the Paleolithic to the early Middle Ages. Among the most significant works include the famous Otzi, or "the Iceman" also known as "the Iceman mummy". In 1998 he was found the man and was later exhibited in the Museum with its objects. The visit is enriched by videos, interactive multimedia stations, models, reconstructions and stereoscopic images that allow for a more thorough overview. The museum hosts temporary exhibitions, seminars and conferences related to the archeology of the area. Relevant are the numerous reconstructions of Roman settlements and artefacts found in the area that gave birth to the inhabitants of South Tyrol from the Roman era.

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Via Museo, 43
39100 Bolzano


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