Cesare Bicchi Botanical Museum

The Cesare Bicchi Botanical Museum is located in the center of Lucca. The Botanical Garden was founded in 1820 by Maria Luisa of Bourbon and includes hundreds of different species and plants. The will of Maria Luisa of Bourbon was to create a garden dedicated to the study and use of medicinal plants for pharmacies and hospitals. In 1813, it was founded the Faculty of Medicine for the study of the plants and the University was reorganized with the finest teaching tools. The Botanical garden presents a remarkable variety of trees and shrubs, and in particular exotic. Of great interest is the cedar of Lebanon, planted in 1822, it is the most important tree and symbol of the Garden. The Cesare Bicchi Botanical Museum was founded in 1985 and collects herbaria including algae, mushrooms, citrus and other species. The museum was founded to support the Botanical Garden and host part of the collection. The museum was named after Cesare Bicchi, Lucchese known botanist. The collection has recently been expanded with a section mycological with plaster models and wooden and metal farm machinery.

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Via del Giardino Botanico, 14
55100 Lucca


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