National Museum And Archaeological Park Of Locri

The National Archaeological Park of Locri, among the largest in Calabria, is located along the SS 106 "Jonica" about 5 km from today's city of Locri, the site of the Greek colony of Magna Lokroi Epizephyroi. In the Park there are two exhibition reality: the National Archaeological Museum, opened in 1971 under the name of "Antiquarium of Locri" and declared a national museum in 1998, dedicated to the narrative of the life of Locri in the greek period, and the Museum Complex Casino Macri, preserving testimony related to Roman and late antiquity. The proto-historic age of Locri is documented in the "Museum of the territory" of Teotino Palazzo Nieddu del Rio, in the center of Locri, which opened in 2018. Four of the tour itineraries offered to the public. The first part of the Museum of the Greek polis and crosses the eastern and northern sectors of the city wall features two towers, one of the gateways to the city, the sanctuary of Tesmophorion and the sacred area of ​​Maras. A second path leads the visitor in the southern sector, where insists the sacred area dedicated to Zeus darting, Porta Portuense with a mighty wall structure relatable to a port actually, more of its outer walls, the House of the Lions with the Shrine dedicated to Aphrodite and the Gate of Aphrodite, the housing-industrial neighborhood Centocamere and so-called Stoa U a third route starts from Centocamere district and reaches the town Petrara area, with the remains of the probable court and a spa building. In Casino Macri he insists the Museum Complex, which consists of a nineteenth-century farmhouse and two farmhouses built on the remains of a private Roman bath complex. On the second floor of the main building was a venue for the Roman museum Locri. Among the artifacts on display, note is the beautiful marble statue-portrait of the "Togato" from the hole, the tank in Aleppo breccia day, one of the few examples of major products made with this rare marble from the island of Chios and the golden bract with the Adoration of the Magi belonged to a shrine of the seventh century AD A fourth route takes visitors on location Dromo, with a stretch of the western walls, and places Pirettina, where the greek-roman theater. Particular attention is paid to younger visitors to the Museum of Man, educational tour aimed at encouraging the use of the historical and archaeological heritage of Locri to an audience of school age.

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Strada Statale 106 Jonica
89044 Locri


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