Museo Archeologico Ferruccio Barreca

Museo Archeologico Ferruccio Barreca

The Mab Ferruccio Barreca Archaeological Museum offers a wide selection of archaeological materials found in the excavations which still take place in Sant 'Antioco.

The exhibits cover a wide time span, that It goes from the first human settlements of sedentary età Neolithic to the final stages of Romanization.

As many of the materials coming from the Punic necropolis, from Tophet sanctuary from the village and the ancient cityà Phoenician, Punic and Roman city of Sulky, the Phoenician city center più ancient Sardinia.


Adjacent to the Mabè the sacred area called Topheth, used since the first halfà eighth century. to. C. and abandoned during the I sec. to. C.

It is an open sanctuary, consecrated to the godsà Tinnit and Baal Hammon, where the Phoenicians and Carthaginians buried with special rituals the cremated remains of children born dead or died at an early ageà.

Previously it was believed, however, that these remains had belonged to children sacrificed in honor the two deitiesà charge.


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Via Sabatino Moscati
09017 Sant'Antioco


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