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The Le Clarisse Cultural Center

The Le Clarisse Cultural Center is located in the center of Grosseto in the historic building of the former convent of Santa Chiara. The convent of Santa Chiara is a historic religious building of the seventeenth century Grosseto. Thanks to recent restorations it has been possible to use the spaces for museum exhibitions. The Center is made up of four cultural institutions: the Gianfranco Luzzetti Collection Museum, Clarisse Arte, the Roberto Ferretti Ethnographic Collection and the MuseoLab. The Gianfranco Luzzetti Collection Museum houses art masterpieces by artists such as Giambologna, Cigoli, Antonio Rossellino, Corrado Giaquinto and Spadarino. The works present were donated by Gianfranco Luzzetti, a Florentine antiquarian of Maremma origin, to whom the museum was dedicated. The Clarisse Arte space hosts temporary exhibitions by local artists and a section dedicated to documentation. The library, the artists' archive, the media library and the storage of works from the public art collections are an important point of reference for the city. The Roberto Ferretti ethnographic collection and the MuseoLab is the fusion between a museum and a laboratory managed by the University of Grosseto and Siena. The MuseoLab was born following the archaeological excavations of Grosseto and today hosts original finds and graphic reconstructions of the history of the area.


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Via Vinzaglio, 27
58100 Grosseto


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