Rocca di Gradara

Rocca Di Gradara

  Rocca di Gradara , a jewel of’ Italian fortified architecture,è the result of several reconstruction phases that have occurred over the centuries until the’ last major restoration work carried out between 1921 and 1923, which characterized the’ building a strong footprint medieval and neo-medieval style.

L’ installation of the fortress can memorize options It is considered one of the typical examples of the’ military architecture of the fourteenth century. Having remained in possession of the  Malatesta  until the defeat of the family by  Federico of Montefeltro, in 1463, the complex passes to the  Sforza  of Pesaro, the family that rules between 1445 and 1512, years of great splendor for the cityà ; and his castelli.Tra the  1921 and 1923 l’è entire complex; subjected to a complete restoration by   Umberto Zanvettori , little-known figure of lover and patron of the arts. Next to the imposing walls of the consolidation works, he does treat l’ installation of the rooms, especially those on the main floor, where it is proposed l’ structure of a  manor Medieval and Renaissance. L’è decor of the rooms; carefully chosen with pieces of great artistic value found on the antique market and eclectically mixed in different environments, which have walls covered by decorations painted with the revival of heraldic emblems of the old gentlemen and, sometimes, a considerable degree of arbitrarinessà.

a legend, however, came in fairly recent times, she has it that within the walls of the residence has consumed the tragic story of  Paolo and Francesca , the unhappy sung lovers from Dante in Canto V of’ Hell.


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Piazza Alberta Porta Natale, 1
61012 Gradara


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