Museo Civico Parisi Valle di Maccagno

Civico Museo Parisi Valle

The Maccagno museum, designed in 1979 in rigorous volumes modeled with concrete and glass by the architect Maurizio Sacripanti of Rome, has been a versatile exhibition space of excellence since 1998, set in the landscape thanks to the type of bridge over a river and open terraces to the panorama of Lake Maggiore and the Alps. It houses the corpus of the works of the sculptor Giuseppe Parisi (1915-2009), a native of the places, but with an established atelier in Rome, which is accompanied by an important nucleus of works accumulated by him thanks to the exchanges with the effervescent cultural world of the capital in the postwar period (De Chirico, Picasso, Vasarely, Balla, Birolli, Fiume Guttuso, etc.).


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Via Leopoldo Giampaolo, 1
21061 Maccagno


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