Tasso and Postal History Museum

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Tasso and Postal History Museum

The Tasso and Postal History Museum was founded in 1991, in two historic buildings in the medieval village of Cornello dei Tasso and preserves many testimonies of the postal activity, and not only, of the Tasso family, known throughout the world for the poet Torquato and for the entrepreneurial ability of some of its exponents who, starting from the sixteenth century, managed the imperial post of the Habsburgs. The Museum is divided into four exhibition spaces, each of which develops and explores postal history and the history of the Tasso family. Numerous documents related to their activity in the management of postal services and, in general, to postal history are kept here, including a letter from 1840 franked with the first postage stamp issued in the world, the famous Penny Black. The pieces dedicated to postal and communication history are flanked by those dedicated to the poets Bernardo and Torquato Tasso, among which a sixteenth-century example of the Conquered Jerusalem stands out. The village of Cornello, in medieval times, was an important center of trade and passage of people and goods thanks to the presence of the Via Mercatorum (via dei merchants) which connected Bergamo to Valtellina. Starting from 1592 Cornello found itself isolated due to the construction of a new road, the Strada Priula which passed along the valley floor separating the village from the new road system. This led to the decline of the village, but favored the conservation of the original urban layout, which can still be accessed only on foot today.


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Via Cornello, 22
24010 Camerata Cornello


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