The first core of the museum is formed in 1888 following the donation to the Municipality of Forlì memorabilia and documents on the life and activitiesà political Piero Maroncelli (1795-1846), commissioned by his wife Amalia. Itè then further enriched through donations and deposits by citizens forlivesi, especially in the first decades of this century, up to hold a vast collection ranging from the Napoleonic period until the Second World War. Since 1964 it houses the main floor of Palazzo Gaddi, where eight large rooms are named after different characters or focusing on specific issues and themes storici.Tre sections are reserved to as many protagonists of the Risorgimento: Piero Maroncelli, Achille Cantoni and Aurelio Saffi. The following are the salt of the XI Infantry Regiment, stationed glorious department at Forlì of whichè shows in the Historical Diary 1871-1938; WWI with relics of the fighters forlivesi (among others Fulcieri Paolucci de Calboli); Wars in Africa (particularly the one documented in Ethiopia); World War II with photos fell from 1940 - 1943 and related materials all'attività of Corbari partisan group Resistance. In the corridors they are kept posters, weapons and memorabilia Carlo Matteucci. Annexed to the museumè The room Paulucci Raniero de Calboli that collects fine bindings (buckets. XVI-XX), furnishings and sculptures by Adolfo Wildt, also donated to the cityà of Forlì the same in memory of Raniero Fulcieri son. The restoration of the palace, begun in 2004, requested the transfer of the museum on the ground floor of the building, where the esiguità space has made that impossible exposure of the materials of the Second World War and the wars of Africa.

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Corso Garibaldi, 96
47121 Forlì


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