Museo del Risorgimento A. Saffi di Forlì

Risorgimento Museum

The museum, founded in 1888 following the donation to the Municipality of Forlì of memorabilia and documents on the life and political activity of Piero Maroncelli (1795-1846), was then further enriched thanks to bequests from other Forlì citizens.

In the rooms on the first floor of Palazzo Gaddi - also known as Sale Giani due to the decorations by the painter Felice Giani -, objects belonging to some important protagonists of the National Risorgimento and numerous testimonies relating to the voluntary and Garibaldi "vocation" of the Forlì people are exhibited. .

In addition to the relics of Maroncelli, affiliated to the Carboneria and imprisoned together with Silvio Pellico, there are memories of Aurelio Saffi (1819-1890), illustrious Forlì, patriot, journalist and authoritative Italian politician, of Achille Cantoni (1835-1867), a very volunteer dear to Giuseppe Garibaldi, and other materials related to important personalities such as Carlo Matteucci (1811-1868), physicist of international fame, as well as Minister of Education of the Kingdom of Italy, Giovita Lazzarini (1813-1849) Minister of Grace and Justice of the Roman Republic and Antonio Fratti (1845-1897) volunteer in the military expedition commanded by Ricciotti Garibaldi, son of Giuseppe, who rushed to defend Greece in the Greek-Turkish war.

A room is also dedicated to the two Forlì gold medals for military valor of the Great War, Fulcieri Paulucci di Calboli and Italo Stegher.


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Corso Garibaldi, 96
47121 Forlì


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