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Pieces of Peace is the site-specific installation created by Felice Limosani for the courtyard of Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, in the historic heart of Florence. A project curated by Sonia Zampini, director of the Roberto Casamonti Collection, visible to the public from 22 September 2023 to 28 January 2024.

In the Renaissance courtyard of the palace, enclosed by the perfect geometries of its architectural lines, an obelisk will rise up to the height of the first arches, pointing towards the sky, suspended above a body of water. The surface of the obelisk, made of a highly technological steel sheet, will reflect everything around it, slowly changing perspective, thanks to its rotary movement. Felice Limosani, an artist who makes multidisciplinary training his strength, created Pezzi di Pace commissioned by Roberto Casamonti, a work where every conceptual and physical limit is thinned out in favor of a visual harmony that integrates and makes all the elements dialogue and harmonize elements involved; a metaphysical work that creates a magnetic relationship of total adhesion with the spectator, physically welcoming him into a solemn ideal canon. Limosani invites us to reflect on the current moment, on the collective desire for Peace, a coveted but constantly disregarded condition due to the inability to quell conflicts, the denial of rights, due to religious and ethnic tensions, and environmental disasters. Pieces of Peace, in the author's intention, is a sign, it has nothing political, we are all called to contribute a little piece to peace through culture, knowledge, education, kindness, mutual respect, values fundamental to its realization and art is a means. It is no coincidence that the artist chose an ancient form for this narrative, a form that retraces history, as when the Roman army occupied Egypt and took away the obelisk of Heliopolis, dear to the Egyptians, as Sonia Zampini well describes in the critical essay that accompanies the exhibition. In that case, something was stolen which, in addition to testifying to the conquest, represented the cultural identity of that place with all the implications linked to the mythological symbolism it represented. Pezzi di Pace is an ideal union between heaven and earth, between the human dimension and the place of ideas; it is a desire to complete and balance opposites: us and the world, us and others.

“I went to visit Felice Limosani at his studio” says Roberto Casamonti. “I found in his works great technique and great skill but also great visionaryness imbued with thought and poetry. I consider Limosani a very good artist, a true artist, and it is my intention to represent him in all respects in the art world. I was very fascinated by the project that Felice and Sonia, director of the Collection, developed together for Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni. The obelisk is a symbol, full of history, perfect for this place, it has an almost hypnotic power. Pieces of Peace is an evocative title, in such a dark historical period, dominated by wars, environmental disasters and social injustices. I would like, with this work, to contribute, in our small way, to ensuring that peace can be achieved in all its dimensions for us and for future generations."


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Piazza Santa Trinita, 1
50123 Florence


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