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ongoing Life and Herstories

Curated by: Daria Filardo

The show

Life and Herstories (Autobiography as Dialogue) is a cycle of exhibitions, actions and meetings that offers a reflection on the autobiographical approach as a predominantly female practice, aimed at dialogue and a prevalently anti-heroic narrative; to the creation of small and large communities; to the rewriting of the official history.

The presence of the Subject, and the strategies through which this manifests itself, are a matter of investigation starting (at least) from the construction of modernity. The internal and situated point of view - artistic and literary - is now completely assimilated, especially after 1989 brought with it, in Western countries, the story of those who were not included (both internally and externally to that hitherto dominant world). The autobiographical slant is not an exclusively feminine prerogative, it is not the intent of the project to propose a history of difference, but it is an observation lens that allows us to explore recurring methodologies. The reflection on the Unforeseen Subject of Lonziana memory and the feminist and feminist researches from the 1960s to today have considered a lot about the construction of another subjectivity in the context of the dominant patriarchal culture, a subject that was constructed in opposition to the notion of the abstract subject and universal male inherited from the modernist tradition and from modern philosophical thought. These reflections have generated many consequences even outside of self-managed feminist circles, of the thought of difference, of feminisms in general, informing a lot of contemporary artistic research.

The second exhibition of the cycle, which began with the exhibition by Chiara Camoni and Stefania Galegati (25.9 - 25.10), presents the works of Ottonella Mocellin / Nicola Pellegrini and Helen Cammock and investigates how autobiographical stories intertwine with other human events, undermining and rewriting the official story. The complex narratives recompose personal and collective memories offering a different story that redefines our view of the world. In the practices of the artists, the family and personal story resounds in a greater humanity that meets in the events of life. The form of the dialogue and the construction of the story, also realized through the assembly of different sources, are fundamental elements in the works of the artists on display; they are the expression of an internal point of view but, at the same time, they testify to the urgency of a tension towards the other. The family and social events told offer the possibility of a new reflection on the tensions of the present time and its roots in the past. These shed new light on geopolitical dynamics strongly rooted in the territory but at the same time bearers of a global dimension. In the works of Mocellin / Pellegrini and Cammock the autobiographical point of view is expressed in a narration attentive to the daily life of events and characterized by an anti-heroic stamp, which allows, by telling stories, to make history.


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Via Senese, 68
50124 Firenze


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