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The Guerrini Tramonti Museum

Guerrino Tramonti was a ceramist, painter and scholar who lived in the 1900s . After his death, by will of his family, the Guerrino Tramonti Foundation was born, operational since 2010 with the aim of promoting the works that the artist left in the his home laboratory. The Foundation is based at the Tramonti Museum, located in Faenza in Via Fratelli Rosselli, n. 8, is included in the provincial and national museum system (Mibact) and in the Small Museums Association; it is home to exhibitions, exhibitions and events. The Museum offers a service open to the public, with free entry and, upon reservation, guided tours. In the 7 rooms of the Museum, the 390 works which, according to the Artist, best reflect his path are exhibited: an immense variety of shapes, colors and a sublime expressive world created by an original chromatic sensitivity also applied to paintings on canvas and on table.

There are: terracotta sculptures dating back to the initial period, the thirties and forties; the paintings executed between 1945 and 1948, in the Venetian period, characterized by post-metaphysical aesthetics. the polychrome glazed ceramic works, which present great intensity

chromaticity and an extraordinary quality of coatings that give life to exceptionally clear and poetic images; the famous porcelains that made the Artist particularly proud, works inspired by the materials and techniques of ceramics from China, Korea and Japan, the result

of his alchemical research in the sixties; his famous decorative discs, made with the thick glazing technique he invented in 1953, when he was the Director of the Castelli School of Art, which distinguish his most peculiar style; the oil paintings of the second period, abstract and material, created between the end of the sixties and 1992, the year of his death.


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Via Fratelli Rosselli, 8
48018 Faenza


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