The Archaeological Museum Numismatic Provincial Catanzaro is in the historical center of the city. The Museum was opened in 1879 and is the oldest institution of Calabria. The Museum is located in the Villa Margherita garden next to the town library. + The museum collection consists mainly of coins and archaeological finds unearthed during excavations in the province. The collection includes more than 8000 coins, silver and some gold, between the greek period to the modern age. Of particular interest is the collection of prehistoric and proto-historic archaeological material, formed as a result of several private donations. The collection includes prehistoric age tools of the Stone, Iron and Neolithic weapons. Other exhibits in the museum are the bronze fragments of an equestrian statue of the Roman period depicting cassavas Megonio Leone. The visit to the museum is enriched by the presence of interactive multimedia and audiovisual tools that take the visitor through the exhibition. Today the Museum is home to cultural exhibitions and private events.

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Piazzale Trieste
88100 Catanzaro


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