Complesso monumentale di San Vincenzo al Volturno

Complesso monumentale di San Vincenzo al Volturno

The Benedictine monastic complex of San Vincenzo al Volturno has a priceless historical value, being the più vast and best preserved monastic site altomedievale in Europa.Il monastery was founded in’ VIII century by three young nobles of Benevento, Paldo, Taso and Tato and l’ arrival of the Franks in 774 it was directly subjected to’ authoritiesà Charlemagne in 787.L'elezione Abbot Joshuaè (792-817) Signal memorize options the più time; important political and spiritual ascent through a vast architectural reorganization program that turns into memorize options San Vincenzo in one of the più important cityà monasteries of Europe. The complex not only had nine churches but also numerous workshops of the finest craftsmen who excelled in’ gold and in the production of glass, whose relics are preserved in the archaeological museum of Venafro.San Vincenzo was attacked and burned by the Saracens in 881. The reconstruction of the monastery will happenà only at the end of the tenth century, but at the end of XI century, because of the Norman threat, the monastery was transferred along the right bank of the Volturno, più secure and defensible (“ San Vincenzo New”).

During the XIII-XV century memorize options the decadence and the collapse of the monastery and its propertyà land that Pope Innocent XII (1615-1700) Transferì in 1699 under the jurisdiction of the’ Montecassino Abbey, which still dipende.Oggi there are the remains of frescoes, marble flooring, and altars that return l’ idea of ​​beauty and of’ architectural harmony, in addition to the“&rdquo ;, Epifanio crypt whose frescoes are one of the più pictorial cycles; important high medieval Europe.


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Strada statale 158, s.n.c.
86071 Castel San Vincenzo


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