The Charterhouse of San Giacomo dating back to the late '300, for Count Giacomo Arcucci, Grand Chamberlain of the Queen Joanna I of Anjou, as evidenced by the valuable fresco above the portal to the church, dating back to 1371 about and executed by the Florentine painter Niccolò di Tommaso. The fresco depicts the Virgin and Child Enthroned with Count Giacomo Arcucci and Queen Giovanna I and the Saints James and John the Baptist. The plant of the monastery responds to specific canonical rules, "high house" or cloistered convent and "low house" with local service. Today the Certosa presents a stratification of interventions that often overlapped, also transforming the pre-existing. As a result of pirate attacks, the Chartreuse was damaged and, as of 1563, was the subject of major restoration work, as evidenced by the large late-Renaissance cloister. The last act, which greatly influenced the future degradation of the complex, it was with the unification of Italy, when the assets and revenues of the Carthusian monks of Capri Ischia were transferred to the church. A comprehensive restoration project took place in 1927, with the Superintendent Gino Chierici, who brought to light the original fourteenth-century structures. Recently, the Charterhouse was the subject of a restoration and upgrading plant by the Superintendency for Architectural and Landscape Heritage of Naples and Province. Dedicated to Saint James, the church is the tallest building and thus dominating the entire structure of the Certosa, which belongs to the original fourteenth-century.

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via Certosa
80073 Capri


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