Archaeological Museum Of Vulci

The Archaeological Museum of Vulci is headquartered in Castle dell'Abbadia or Vulci Built in the Middle Ages (12th century) by Cistercian monks on the ruins of an ancient abbey dedicated to St. Mamiliano, the Abbadia Castle, in time it became an important stronghold and shelter for all the pilgrims and travelers including the Knights Templar also. One of the entrances to the castle is made from the beautiful Devil's Bridge, which has even more ancient origin: the main pillars of tufa are, in fact, from the Etruscan era and the three-arch structure dates back to the first century BC Within the Vulci Archaeological Museum displays artifacts from the archaeological excavations of the necropolis and the urban area of ​​the city of Vulci. The exhibits in the museum cover a period from the third millennium BC Until the Roman era. The museum has two floors, very interesting collection of ceramics that tell the productive activities and trade city in Etruscan and Roman times.

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Località Vulci
01011 Canino


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