The Museum Antiquarium Arborea is located in Oristano, was established in 1938. The museum was created to promote the legacy of Tharros, the ancient Roman town of Oristano. The museum houses some private collections that were received Antiquarium through acquisitions and donations. This is the Efisio Pischedda collection, Angelo Charter, the collection Titino Sanna Delogu, the Peppetto collection Pau, the Cominacini- Boy collection and Vitiello-d'Urso collection. The Pischedda collection presents a selective collection of prenuragic Sardinian culture that includes: ceramics, tools, arrowheads and objects related to the funeral cult. The collection dates back Angelo Charter: a lamp, an olla in green glass and Roman common ceramics funerary origin. The collection of Titino Sanna Delogu Antiquarium Arborense was donated in 1966, along with a Sardinian modern art collection. Of particular interest are a sandstone statue of the goddess Mother plaque, from Simaxis- On Cungiau de is Fundamentas, his face sunteggiato pillar in the nose and eyes to simple hole, due to the culture of the upper Neolithic Ozieri. The collection of Peppetto Pau consists of ceramics and stone dating back to a period which starts from the age prenuragic to get to the Roman era. The Cominacini-Boy collection was donated to the Antiquarium Arborense in 1994. The collection includes twenty-five ceramics Phoenician, Punic and Roman necropolis from the Phoenician, Punic and Roman St. John.

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Piazza Corrias
09170 Oristano

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