Galleria Regionale della Sicilia - Palazzo Abatellis

Palazzo Abatellis

Regional Gallery is located in the Palazzo Abatellis, built to a design by Matthew Carnalivari between  1490 and 1495, became già a few decades after its construction site of a Dominican monastery, and after skilful restoration,  intended eventually to headquarters museale.Il masterful exhibition curated by Carlo Scarpa , for which Abatellis Palaceè known throughout the world, implements  fully that  new concept of the museum became established in Italy after the war, which included the full usabilityà works carefully chosen in consultation with the container architettonico.Nell 'XV wing of great value artifacts tell the performance art in Sicily from Medieval to Five hundred and continuous dialogue with the experience“&rdquo stranger;  Figurative by Islamic culture to the Italian Gothic, the Renaissance, the Nordic painting and Sephardic. Among the masterpieces kept there, impossible not to mention, in addition to the Triumph of Death , the marble bust of Eleonora of Aragon by Francesco Laurana, the Annunciation and Three Doctors of the Church Antonello da Messina and Triptych Malvern Jan Gossaert. in 2009è ; opened to the public the eighteenth-century wing of the old monastery, where paintings of the sixteenth and seventeenth-century document the implementation of mannerism and spread of devotional painting, until the personal synthesis between Flemish painting, classicism and baroque Caravaggio suggestions made by Pietro Novelli, the most Sicilian painter of his time.


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Via Alloro, 4
90133 Palermo


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