Museo Archeologico di Metauros

The Archeological Museum Of Metauros

Set up in the eighteenth-century Palazzo Baldari in the historic center of Gioia Tauro, it illustrates the history of Métauros, a center founded by the inhabitants of Zancle (today's Messina) for expansionist-commercial reasons and passed under the influence of the colony of Locri in the sixth century BC. urbanization of the natural terrace of Piano delle Fosse, seat of the ancient town, did not allow in-depth investigations; it was, however, possible to excavate the coastal strip in extension which returned the great necropolis of the 7th-5th century BC. The rich grave goods attest to Métauros' close ties with the centers of Mylae, Zancle and Rhegion and with sites in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as documenting trade with the Mediterranean area. mainly offers materials from the area of ​​the necropolis excavated in the last century and which has also returned significant evidence of indigenous presences of the seventh century BC Among the artefacts on display are aryballoi, alabaster of insular production, Attic pottery with paint and black figures, SOS-type transport amphorae.

A space is reserved for funerary finds from the Roman age (II-III century AD) when the city began to be inhabited again, after being abandoned in the Classical and Hellenistic periods. Among the tableware on display there are very refined glass vases, decorated with applied motifs, which can be classified as imports from the Mediterranean area, confirming the commercial vocation of Métauros even in Roman times.

The medieval age is testified by ceramic materials from a throw area located between the remains of the so-called "Norman" square tower and the surrounding walls, in the northernmost part of the Piano delle Fosse. Also documented pottery datable between the thirteenth century and the Renaissance age.


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Via Roma
89013 Gioia Tauro


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