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Paintings, sculptures but also books, poems and everyday objects. Etel Adnan & Simone Fattal: Working Together, curated by Vincenzo de Bellis, is the first double solo show of the two artists in Italy, life and work companions since the 1970s. From 29 April to 6 November 2022 the exhibition will reconstruct an intimate and domestic dimension in the rooms of the library of the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation in Bolzano, used for the first time ever as exhibition spaces.

Etel Adnan (Beirut, 1925 - Paris, 2021) and Simone Fattal (Damascus, 1942) met in Beirut in the 1970s. Since then they have lived together in Paris, Beirut and Northern California, working and experimenting with the most diverse media. Before being visual artists they were literary artists, Adnan poetess and painter, and Fattal sculptress and founder of Post-Apollo Press, a publishing house specializing in history, politics, social sciences and gender studies. The strength of their work lies precisely in the multidisciplinarity and in the literary influences with which they have always confronted.

Their living together is an integral part of their artistic practice. In their Parisian home, a room was dedicated to Etel Adnan's studio where, sitting at the same desk, she devoted herself to writing her poems and painting. In the rest of the house Simone Fattal has distributed his ceramics - sculptures or everyday objects - made in a studio not far from the house.

Over the years there have been moments in which one has entered the work of the other, and that so intimate place that is their home represents more than any other the essence of the two artists both individually and as a couple. Hence the choice to create a domestic environment for the exhibition, to try to give back to the visitor, with an intimate reading, the warmth of their works.

For this reason, the Foundation has chosen to use its library for the first time for an exhibition, transforming it into a space with a homely flavor: a little living area, a little library, a little kitchen and a little dining room. lunch.


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