Ala Ponzone Civic Museum

Ala Ponzone Civic Museum

The Museum originates from the collections of the Marquis Giuseppe Sigismondo Ala Ponzone. The collection includes several sections. The first is dedicated to the Middle Ages and the fifteenth century , with sculptures, torn frescoes, ceiling tablets and a wide selection of the production linked to the works of the Bembo. This is followed by the Cremonese painting of the sixteenth century where a complete anthology of painters is offered that document the transition from the fifteenth-century tradition to the modern way and the affirmation of the new Renaissance sensibility through the works of Camillo Boccaccino, Gian Francesco Bembo and dei Campi, forerunners of sensibility naturalistic that will land in Caravaggio, illustrated here by the famous Saint Francis in meditation.

The Sala di San Domenico houses a series of works from the demolished church of the preaching friars and shows the Milanese contributions to the local culture of the seventeenth century (Cerano, Nuvolone, Procaccini). The following rooms are dedicated to the Cremonese still life , to the portraits of the Ponzone house and to the testimonies of the painting of the 17th (Genovesino), 18th and 19th centuries with the affirmation of Neoclassicism (Diotti) and Romanticism (Piccio).

The last rooms host a selection of applied arts (oriental porcelain, Lombard and European ceramics and majolica, ivories, enamels); the section dedicated to the iconography of Cremona, with works related to the history of the city and its pictorial representation; an overview of Lombard and Cremonese painting of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries .

Music rooms are one of the spaces of the Ala Ponzone Museum dedicated to stringed instruments, see if you want to mark it: This collection brings together instruments that belonged to well-known collectors, musicians and aristocrats. In addition to interesting examples of violins, violas, love violets, pochettes and hurdy-gurdies, there are about fifty plucked string instruments including guitars, English-guitars, mandolins and lutes, built by the main European craftsmen active in the 17th and 18th centuries. and XIX.


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Via Ugolani Dati, 4
26100 Cremona


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