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Anatomy has ancient origins, its name derives from the classical Greek (anatomè, cut and dissect through). Its first traces as a scientific study date back to the medical school of Alexandria in Egypt. In medieval times the study of the body suffered a brake due to religious fears and hostile prohibitions. During the Renaissance it underwent a radical evolution also thanks to the direct observation of the corpses.

Now, thanks to the modern plastination technique present at Real Bodies Experience, it is possible to admire the real human anatomy with bodies and organs treated so that they can be preserved and exposed to the public without difficulty. In addition, it is possible to enter even more inside the human body at the exhibition thanks to the advanced virtual reality technologies present at Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna.

The study of robotics, and humanoid robotics in particular, is all aimed at identifying solutions to concrete problems of the human being. Both in the short and medium term we will have to learn to live with the idea of ​​intelligent machines that support us in daily activities.


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Via San Felice, 24
40122 Bologna


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