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Until 01 October 2023

Cathedral of the Image

The Cathedral of the Image is located within the complex of Santo Stefano al Ponte, a now deconsecrated Romanesque church located in the homonymous square in the center of Florence. This hidden gem is located a few steps from Via Por Santa Maria, near the famous Ponte Vecchio.

The church was originally built between the 11th and 12th centuries in Romanesque style with a polychrome marble facade and three naves inside. In the 14th century, the exterior of the church was redesigned and of the original façade only the marble section around the portal remains today. Between 1631 and 1655, the interior of the church was renovated, transforming the three naves into a single space. A crypt was added and the interior was redesigned to include a choir.

Santo Stefano al Ponte is one of the unknown masterpieces of the Florentine architectural heritage. In 2015, thanks to the intervention of the Crossmedia Group, the church was reborn with the name of Cathedral of the Image, becoming the first permanent Italian center for Immersive Art Experiences. A space where art, culture and customs find a new life.

The interiors have been digitally mapped, creating the first Immersive Art theater in Italy, which hosts real Immersive Exhibitions dedicated to the great masters of world art.

In addition to digital art, the Cathedral of the Image hosts, as an auditorium, classical and contemporary music concerts and events of great artistic and public appeal.


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Piazza di Santo Stefano, 5
50122 Florence


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