Palazzo Pallavicini

Palazzo Pallavicini

Palazzo Pallavicini has its roots in Bologna century, when under the domination of Bentivoglio was ownedà the Hall (1493) and pass memorize options; then over time the Volta, the Marsili and Islanders accounts, which in 1680 made him restructure “ in the manner of’ architecture senatorial”.

entrusted l’ assignment to’ architect Paolo Canali, which progett memorize options and a be memorize options the monumental staircase and the living room with lantern ceiling, the più top of the cityà ;, while in 1690 the rooms were lavishly decorated with paintings by Giovanni Antonio Burrini.


It was in the Burrini hall festively lit that the evening of March 26, 1770 the fourteen Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , host with the father of the Earl Marshal, you ESIBì the presence of seventy towns and ladies of’ high European aristocracy: Guests anch’ they Pallavicini, Count Giuseppe Kaunitz Rittberg and the principles of Holstein and Saxen Gotha attended the concert together with the nobilityà Bologna and to the authoritiesà religious.

Salzburg had come with his father Leopold on March 24, and Gian Luca, connoisseur, not if I had let slip. The Mozarts were his guests at mostù occasions: in March in via San Felice, during the’ in the summer villa of the Cross of Biacco and again in the autumn, in the palace of the cityà where they saw the light antiphons  Cibavit eos, Quaerite Primum Regnum Dei  and in all probabilityà The Minuet in E Flat Major K 94.  

A palace meet with the Salzburg memorize options the protagonists of European music: Misliveček, Vanhalle, Farinelli, the musicologist Charles Burney (“ I met the famous small German… in the palace of Prince Pallavicini”), and especially Father Martini, and his stay in via San Felice RENEW memorize options musical taste in the cityà ;.&Ldquo; From Pallavicino… the terrace c’ there were many players who were delightful symphonies” (M.Oretti).


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Via San Felice, 24
40122 Bologna


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